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Injury often causes pain as well as dysfunction in the muscles, tendons, connective tissues, ligaments, and joints. After reducing the pain, you still need to restore normal function in the injured area.

Dr. O'Leary evaluates the injured tissue and determins the limitations in your movements and strength. Then he begins mobilizing the tissues and joints, applying pressure in such a way to restore full movement and function.

His Motion Release Therapy technique involves active participation by you, the patient. As he applies pressure, you're asked to gently contract the muscles involved so that the layers of tissue in the affected area — muscles, tendons, connective tissue, and ligaments — all slide smoothly over one another. They no longer “catch” or act as if they were “glued” together. Rather, independent function is restored to the tissues, and they can once again move in a pain-free, healthy manner.

How You Heal

Over the years, repeated injuries, stress, faulty biomechanics, or even bad posture can create scar tissue in your muscles, tendons, and connective tissue. Even tiny scarring between the muscle cells can begin to limit your range of motion and strength. Nerve endings can become trapped in the scar tissue and cause pain. Such scar tissue, called “adhesions”, can cause chronically shortend muscles and change the way you move — your limitations then become normal, but faulty, habit patterns.

These faulty movement patters may be stressing and irritating other joints and muscles, setting up an escalating cycle of pain and function loss. Further, these incorrect habit patterns must be reversed if you wish to regain full function and strength again. Damaged tissues that are full of adhesions have a hard time functioning correctly.

Restoring Function

Once those adhesions are released by Dr. O'Leary's Motion Release Therapy, the muscles contract more easily, movement is no longer limited or erratic, and correct function is regained. Call Dr. OLeary today to begin your own nonsurgical, drug-free healing program

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